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  • THE GOOD NEWS FLYING !! TOKYO 2nd season we GHOUL … That will be estranado in January 2015 beautiful new year gift

Well I’m sad because the term Ghoul Tokyo anime and manga as well … also know that The Chapter 12 was epic, beautiful, great truth I miss you a little but it was beautiful simplemete although I wanted to see the fight vs ayato Kaneki good now but wait for that I think will have an OVA I think the truth is not comfirmed is a rumor and also the rumor that the mangaka think Ishida sensei will make a prequel or a sequel of the manga that means sensei we will follow the manga that truth is seen later and he said he published in the official website of Tokyo ghoul … Q ___ Q <3

  • It’s all love Kaneki

I love this fight is that he lacked … but it was beautiful! q-q

  • Well cute child more beautiful than ever Kaneki

Look out the characters and the OVA 2 and 3 … Because I love the history of them really cry with everyone OVAS

  • Love Stage !! ~ OVA 
  • Released - 22/11 

As you know this OVA it were the act 16 that it was the first date of Izumi and Ryouma but as our uke does not want pain for the last time! rei asks me to tell her brother Shougo haha … For the images we see can see Saotome sensei and kuroi kun (Good that we read the more nose if agreed but Eiki Eiki sensei put in that extra saotome kuroi liked kun no god as a short story i want them!) 

  • wait a few months and donot forget them coming already act 25 LOVE STAGE !! dying to see the act !!!!

Well I was saying that takatsuki sen was strange! But the truth I am not surprised haha

  • father and daughter
  • Ok this part broke my heart! q-q